ALMOND COLA / BAMBOULA: Our signature cola is a unique southern blend of distinct Almond notes and natural cola flavor. Sweetened by real Louisiana cane sugar, and inspired by New Orleans' rich musical heritage, Fest Almond Cola was nicknamed for the earliest jazz influencers, those who danced and drummed the Bamboula. MORE
As early as the 1780s, the African dance and drumming traditions of the Bamboula – early precursor to the origins of jazzin New Orleans – were practiced on Sundays in Congo Square. The enigmatic traditions of the Bamboula also inspired the internationally-renowned 19th-Century American piano virtuoso Louis Moreau Gottschalk. Circa 1850, his original compositionsand spellbinding performances (which prefigured ragtime jazz tunes) established Gottschalk as America's first authentic musical voice.